A Mother's Treasures

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A Mother’s Treasures

A Mother's Treasures
Lucy’s Texas Hill Country home­­­—just a stone’s throw from the house where she grew up­—is a cheerful work of art filled with symbols and mementos of the family ties that bind. Another way she keeps the generations close, is with James Avery jewelry.

Her personal collection includes heirlooms from both her mother and mother-in-law, many cherished pieces from her husband, and souvenirs from camp and school friends. Looking over her pieces, she remarks on how precious they are—but that the most precious ones are the ones she can’t show because they’ve been given away. “Giving a gift from James Avery,” she says emphatically “is a very special thing.”

Lucy’s three daughters, Jennifer, Emily and Heather—now mothers themselves—are lucky recipients of many such gifts. Their daughters have bracelets, too. So, Lucy speaks for no less than four generations of her family when she says, “James Avery jewelry is part of our Hill Country culture. We all just love it.”

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Mother's treasures

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