A Story of Faith

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A story of faith

Moving hundreds of miles away from home for college is exciting, if not a little scary. But Sommer had her faith and her family to help, and a little charm from her grandma, Theresa, that said “With God all things are possible.”

“For me that was just encouragement that it wasn’t all on my shoulders. That my family was carrying me. That God was behind me.”

Before Sommer left, Theresa gave her a new James Avery charm – a book to signify her journey to college, and to remember their summer trips to the library.

Theresa has given charms to all of her grandkids.

A story of faith - Sommer Customer Story
“As we watched them grow and develop, I purchased charms based upon what I saw in each grandchild.”

This new charm helped Sommer get through the milestones of her first days in college like moving into the dorm, and walking into her first class.

Her faith in God and her family’s faith in her gave her the courage she needed to believe in herself. And now, she wears her charm bracelet to any important event as a symbol of her faith and the people who believe in her.

A story of faith - Sommer Customer Story
“It’s just a reminder that I can walk in the room brave. I’m not by myself. I’m not alone.”

Theresa knew that Sommer was going to do great things one day, telling her, “You’re destined for greatness. And we see that greatness is in you.”

Sommer’s story of faith is an inspiration to us all.

“The first charm my grandma gave me...says,
‘With God all things are possible.’”