A Story of Fatherhood

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A story of fatherhood

Brad remembers so many things about growing up with his parents. He remembers his father’s strength, faith and love for their family, the strength of his parents’ relationship and James Avery Jewelry too.
“Whenever a special occasion came up, my mother was probably going to go to the James Avery store.”
One of those special occasions was Brad’s 16th birthday. His parents gave him an ichthus ring from James Avery. At the time it stood out to him as a symbol of faith and a reminder of his family’s values. It reminded him of the kind of man he wanted to be and helped him make choices that kept him out of trouble in school and on the football field.
A story of fatherhood - Brad Customer Story
That reminder was with him the day he met Shannon (his wife-to-be), the day they got married and the days their sons were born. When their son Nathan was a baby, it became more significant than ever before.

“I was holding Nathan, and he reached up and he grabbed my ring.”

Suddenly the ring represented not just the family’s past and present, but its future too. Brad and Shannon started their own family tradition right then and there. They decided to give each of their sons an ichthus ring on their 16th birthday. And they’re so glad they did.

“I can remember the first time all three of us were together. We all three had our rings.”

A story of fatherhood - Brad Customer Story


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