A Story of Forever

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A story of forever

Family is forever. This family celebrates togetherness in a very special way. Karen and Matt have felt linked together in love from the moment they met. So when Matt proposed that they renew their vows on their 35th anniversary, they saw this not just as an opportunity to have the classic church wedding they never had, but a chance to celebrate the beautiful family they'd built together.

"The renewal was about us, but it was very important to have all of our kids and our grandkidsvery much involved."

They found meaningful ways for all of their children and grandchildren to help celebrate the day,including their young grandson, Roc, who had passed away suddenly, not long before.

Karen's Story - A Story of Family
“We wanted his spirit to be part of it as well.”

With help from the associates at her local James Avery, Karen found an angel charm that she loved, engraved Roc’s name on it and carried it with her, inset in her bouquet, the day of the ceremony. She now wears the charm on her wrist every day.

When they think back on the celebration of that day, they feel the joy of having everyone together. It was such a rich and wonderful experience that they’re already planning to do it again on their 70th anniversary.

Karen's Story - A Story of Family
“Every time I look at this charm I feel happiness in my heart and soul. He brings joy back.”