A Story of Love

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A story of love.

A story of love - Ashley Customer Story
Caden's girlfriend, Ashley, started collecting James Avery jewelry when she was a child and she's still as enthusiastic as ever. “She's obsessive about about it" he chuckles, “and that's putting it mildly.” Every time a new catalog comes out, I get a highlighted version.

The only thing she likes more than James Avery jewelry is a surprise. Tricky as surprising her can be, he feels it's worth putting in the effort. “Her face lights up when she gets a surprise,” he says. “You've never seen someone with such true excitement.”

“They made it look like I was boyfriend of the year. It was great for me.”
When it came time to propose, he knew just what to do. Bring two of her favorite things together: James Avery jewelry and surprises! So Caden emailed our Customer Service team to ask if he could use a display case in a store near him.

“I wanted to have Will you marry me?” spelled out with charms. But the team at Kerrville's Visitor Center and Store suggested that I add her name and some pictures of us. That way it would be crystal clear that I was proposing.”

Their plan went off without a hitch. “They made it look like I was boyfriend of the year. It was great for me.” Let's make that fiancee of the year. “I asked, and then my best man came out with the ring. Originally I was the only one that heard her answer-she started asking questions right away. Everyone else was like. 'Well, are you going to answer?” He laughs recalling “They made me ask again so everyone could hear her say “Yes!” Best wishes to you Ashley and Caden. Thank you so much for making us a part of your big day!

A story of love - Ashley Customer Story