A Story of Motherhood

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A story of motherhood

A mother’s love is a very powerful thing. It means she’ll always be there to help, to support and to protect. For Sherrie, it’s something that runs deep in her soul. It’s something she feels with every fiber of her being.

“A mother is someone who loves you, takes care of you, nurtures you, tries to teach values and would truly just do anything for you.”

Sherrie raised Maddie Grace from birth and adopted her when she was nine years old. One of Maddie Grace’s favorite charms is the Love You More heart. It’s perfect for them because it’s something Sherrie always replies whenever Maddie Grace says she loves her. When the piece came out, they just had to have it.

A story of motherhood - Sherrie Customer Story
Sherrie and Maddie Grace also have James Avery charm bracelets and will often touch their charms when they’re apart so that they feel closer together.

“It’s neat to think about maybe when I’m touching my charm, she may be somewhere else doing the same thing and us thinking about each other.”

Sherrie believes each piece they share will “keep us connected even though we’re not physically together at that moment.”

“If she’s scared or nervous or worried about something, I hope she can look at it or touch it and know that I’m right there with her.”

A story of motherhood - Sherrie Customer Story
“Each charm represents our relationship together—my adoption and our story.” – Maddie Grace


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