A Story of Tradition

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A story of tradition

As a young girl in the 1950s, some of Norma’s favorite memories were the summers she attended Camp Arrowhead near Kerrville, where James Avery started. There, she learned to swim in the Guadalupe and to ride horses, and she made lifelong friends.

One of her favorite traditions was at the end of camp when they would visit James Avery’s garage and get charms to remember their summer. All of these were placed on a charm bracelet and were a wonderful way to capture those treasured memories.

“Every time I see one of these charms, it just brings back memories as to those wonderful summers I had.”

A story of tradition - Norma Customer Story
At camp, she met a girl named Nancy. To commemorate the six summers they spent together, they each got a Best Friends charm with Norma’s name on one side and Nancy’s on the other. And they still have the charms and remain friends to this day.

Keeping the tradition alive, Norma’s daughter and granddaughter also attended Camp Arrowhead. And every summer it was tradition to go to James Avery and pick out charms for them as well.

“It’s wonderful to share that common history with them. I have a lot of special feelings for it.”

Those memories, and the friendships that came with them, some of which go back 67 years, are treasures in every sense of the word.

“It meant a lot and it still means a lot all these years later.”

A story of tradition - Norma Customer Story
“Every time I see one of these charms, it just brings back memories.”