Best Friends & Peas in a Pod

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Best Friends & Peas in a Pod

Best Friends and Peas in a Pod
Jennifer and Melissa met at work and became fast friends. When Melissa, a longtime James Avery fan, gave Jennifer a charm bracelet and script initial charm for her birthday, it was the start of something truly special.

The next Christmas when they exchanged gifts they were tickled to find they’d given each other the same charm: Two Peas in a Pod. This was the beginning of an almost magical, nine-year tradition.

“We’d give each other a charm every Christmas,” explains Jennifer. “We didn’t ever talk about it ahead of time, but we’d open our gifts— sometimes while talking on the phone—and for about nine years it was the exact same charm!”

With more than 600 charms to choose from, it seems incredible that they’d choose the same charm year after year, but to Melissa it was the most natural thing. “There was always one charm that stuck out like a sore thumb,” she says.

All these years later, looking at their bracelets is a truly charming trip down memory lane.

Friends so close they gave each other the same charm for almost nine years running.

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