Brenda's Symbol of Hope and Caring

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Brenda’s Symbol of Hope and Caring

Brenda's Symbol of Hope and Caring
Wearing a pink ribbon, or pink-ribbon inspired designs, lets the world know you care about Breast Cancer Awareness and finding a cure. But when Brenda was first diagnosed with breast cancer pink ribbons made everything feel too real. Another symbol spoke to her.

“At that time,” she says, “I went more to the cross than to the pink ribbon. There was a set of James Avery rings I’d bought for my husband and myself. Each had a gold cross on the outside of the band. That cross was a real comfort to me—especially during those years.”

Brenda celebrates five, cancer-free years this month. Her ring is more precious to her than ever and she finds her feelings on pink symbols have changed. When she sees someone wearing one she thinks, “Hey! They’re supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, just like I do.” She even wears one herself now.

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