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About James Avery Artisan Jewelry

Learn more about the company bringing you the jewelry you’ve loved for generations.

Generations of James Avery family

Our jewelry isn’t the only thing worth passing down for generations. Meet some of the families who love, live and work in our Texas Hill Country Workshops.


The Story Behind Our Symbol

A new symbol that reflects the light of the artist, the fire of the craftsman and the beauty of the world around us.

We’re More Than A Store.
We’re Your Story.

Whether it's remembering a special moment, celebrating a loved one or marking a milestone, James Avery helps make a connection that lasts a lifetime.


A Story of Forever

A charm takes on special meaning for a couple renewing their vows.

A Story of Family

Kathy's “ancestry bracelet” is a wonderful way to keep family memories alive.


How Do You Spell Love

We love letters. James Avery charms and rings spell love.

James Avery Jewelry, Artful Gifts

From our hands to your heart, we present an inspiring collection of artful gifts ready for sharing.

Two Hearts Spinner Charm

How the James Avery Jewelry Two Hearts Spinner Charm works.

James Avery Changeable Charm Bracelet

Wear Any Charm Anytime With our Changeable Charm Bracelet you can add or remove charms as you wish. Watch our video to see how to change your charms.

Artisans At Work: Avery Art Glass Charms

Avery Art Glass Charms blend elements of creativity and translucency with expressive patterns and vivid colors. See how Avery Art Glass Charms are made.

Hand Engraving At James Avery

A hand engraved inscription customizes your jewelry and transforms it into a personalized work of art. Learn more about the art of hand engraving.


Find Your Ring Size At James Avery

The correct ring size helps to ensure a comfortable fit. Learn helpful tips and more about our printable ring size guide, available at www.jamesavery.com/pages/ring-size-information.

James Avery Wrapped And Knotted Leather Charm Bracelet

Playful, casual, and fun—create a layered look with our wrapped leather bracelet. It’s a fun way to wear your favorite charms.


About James Avery Jewelry

Mr. Avery and employees talking about James Avery Jewelry.

James Avery Jewelry 60th Anniversary

We're celebrating 60 years of artistry, tradition, and craftsmanship with vintage designs.