Garden Butterfly Ear Posts


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Inspired by the beauty and wonder found all around us, capture a symbol of nature's enduring spirit with these delicately crafted Garden Butterfly Ear Posts.

Product Specifications:
  • Sterling Silver
  • 5/16" long
  • Post Closure


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    These butterfly's are a perfect match!

    I have the butterfly flower bracelet and the matching earrings! These butterfly earrings are a smaller version of the butterfly in the bracelet and earrings I already have and they look great next to the butterfly flower earrings. Now I'm hoping James Avery comes out with little matching flower earrings too. That would be perfect! Thanks!

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    2 yr old Daughter got these from her Granny and fit perfect. No problems at all

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    I got the Garden Butterfly Ear Posts for my 17-month-old granddaughter. They are adorable on her -- small enough to be fully on her tiny lobes but big enough to identify immediately as butterfly-shaped. The posts are a good length...not so long that they will poke her while she sleeps. The backs are a bit hard to get on and off -- they fit very tightly -- but that's a good thing since they are less likely to come off.
    These earrings are only my granddaughter's second pair since her ears were pierced when she was just a few months old. Her mom says she (my granddaughter) will probably wear them most of the time.

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    Love these too!!

    I wear these in the 2nd hole in my ears and they are a perfect fit. I wear the Mini Flower posts in my 3rd hole and the Scrolled ear posts in my 1st hole, they all fit perfectly. I am also thinking about getting these for my 14 month old niece for christmas.