Graceful Twist Pendant with Cultured Pearl on Light Spiga Chain

$160.00 – $990.00

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An elegant design with timeless appeal, a shimmering enhanced freshwater cultured pearl is artfully cradled within an unending graceful loop and rests on the Light Spiga Chain. This pendant and chain ensemble arrives assembled and ready to open, wear and enjoy.

Product Specifications:
  • Sterling Silver or 14K Gold
  • Pendant is 15/16" long, chain is approximately 1.8mm in thickness


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    Pearl of great price

    My husband bought this in sterling for me years ago. I have worn it everyday and the pearl fell out & was lost the other day. I prayed and prayed because for me it represents my personal possession of my place in the Kingdom of Heaven. I was taking a bath and praying, "Father I know you know where my pearl is. Please, please though it's impossible to find it, please give it back to me if I have not lost the Kingdom of Heaven". I got out of the bath and went into my room and the pearl was laying in the middle of my bed. I had looked all in my bed & bedding two days ago for it. I will be taking this to James Avery tomorrow to have the pearl reset. I doubt many people have a piece of J.A. jewelry that carries more significance than this piece has for me. My 6 month old grand-daughter had been grabbing my necklace a few days before & trying to put it in her mouth. I am sure that's why it came loose. If not for her, I would not have this amazing story. When I pass away I will leave it to her.