Lab-Created Ruby Gemstone Ear Posts


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Our Lab-Created Ruby Gemstone Ear Posts are simple expressions that may be worn for any occasion. Subtle by design, these accents often serve as favorites for everyday wear. Ruby is the Avery birthstone for July.

Product Specifications:
  • Sterling Silver or 14K Gold
  • Ruby
  • each ear post is set with an approximate 5mm round faceted lab-created ruby
  • 3/16" diameter
  • Post Closure


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    Lab created Ruby 14k Ear Posts

    I received these gorgeous, sparkling Ruby 14k ear posts for our anniversary 💕! I have never seen such beautiful lab created stones!! I've been wearing them everyday as they are my new favorites!!💖

  2. star empty_star empty_star empty_star empty_star 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Tarnishes within two weeks

    The ruby is pretty; however, the sterling silver tarnishes quickly. My husband purchased a pair of these earrings on November 16th for my Christmas present. I asked him to go to James Avery because I only wanted simple ruby stud earrings. When I opened them on Christmas morning the silver was black, badly tarnished. We exchanged them on January 3rd for another pair. The sales person looked through four plastic bags of these earrings before finding a pair that were not tarnished. The earrings were put away in their flannel bag, in the James Avery box, in our safe, until yesterday when I pulled them out to wear them and they were badly tarnished. We went to James Avery this morning to return them and were told, "We can clean them and then we will give you a plastic zipper bag for storage." We were told this twice by two different sales people. The lady said well hairspray could make it happen. We reminded her that these earrings had never been worn. When my husband showed them my James Avery Charm bracelet, with about eighteen charms, and asked why these have not tarnished and they are kept exactly the same as the earrings, the sales lady started talking about air oxidizing them, wearing the jewelry often keeps it from tarnishing, and they need to be stored in a plastic bag. If that is the case, then why has my bracelet and eighteen charms, my rose earrings, and my three James Avery necklaces, which are worn as often as I planned to wear the earrings, not tarnished? Again, she talked about air oxidizing. I realize sales people are trained on what to say; however, when you see your customer isn't buying the reason you are trying to sale them, then you need to try a different path. That did not happen and I became frustrated. On January 3rd, the sales lady apologized for what happened and was quite pleasant. She talked about cleaning them and showed us how to do it; however, she could not remove the tarnish. The two sales people this morning never apologized and only wanted to clean them or exchange them. We had both receipts, they had never been worn, and we were well within the 60 day exchange policy. I said, "Ma'am, I do not want them" twice and she told the man waiting on us to return them. I have many pieces of jewelry from James Avery and I have purchased many pieces for relatives as gifts, and this is the first time I have been disappointed in James Avery products and their customer service. This will not keep me from purchasing from James Avery; however, it will keep me from purchasing this type of earring from them. Something is wrong with this type of earring. I hope you will find out what it is so no one else will be disappointed.

    - Hi Charlotte, we're sorry to hear about your earrings and your experience! All of the information you were provided with is correct in terms of sterling silver oxidizing, but we will be sure to pass along your feedback on these earrings. Thank you for reaching out! - James Avery Team