Custom jewelry is just a few steps away. With our Create Your Own tool, it's easy to personalize your look with charms, engraving and more.

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James Avery Create Your Own Jewelry


At James Avery Artisan Jewelry, we believe that your jewelry should be personalized to you and tell your very own story in a style and look that feels true to you. With this in mind, we created a collection of pieces that allow you to do just that.

We’re always asked how you can create custom jewelry, and one of the easiest ways to do so is with our changeable styles. Want a custom charm bracelet that lets you change out your charms as often as you like at home? We have a variety of changeable charm bracelet styles – from popular leather bracelets to our hook-ons. These bracelets feature clasps to switch out your charms, or simply can have charms slid on and off whenever you unhook them. You can create a personalized charm bracelet as often as you like.

Our Create Your Own builder tool helps you pick and choose charms for our bracelets and see what the bracelet will look like before purchasing. This also includes our ankle bracelets. Create a custom anklet by adding little charms that mean the most to you – whether it’s a special initial, a nature-inspired favorite or a playful pop of color with a glass enhancer bead.

The collection also includes custom necklace options. We have a variety of chain necklaces ranging from sterling silver to 14K gold and 12 inches to 40 inches in length. These chains are available in many different link designs – incorporating elements of twisted wire, mixed metals to highlight and contrast from link to link plus vintage-inspired links to love for generations. Not sure of wearing your charms or pendants just on a chain? We also offer charm holder necklaces that were specifically designed to hold your favorite charms and even a pendant or two for an extra personalized jewelry design.