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How to find your ring size and other ring sizing FAQs

Not sure of your ring size? We’ll help. This page is filled with tips on ring sizing and features a downloadble Ring Size Guide PDF which will help you order your ring in a size that will give you a comfortable fit.

Download Printable Ring Size Guide PDF

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Finding Your Ring Size FAQ

How do I know my ring fits?

A ring that fits properly should slide comfortably over your knuckle and feel snug enough to stay in place as your hand moves.

In some rings I take a smaller than my wedding band. Why?

The width of the band is an important factor to consider when measuring for a ring. Generally, a tapered ring (i.e. a ring with a small band around the finger or a small wedding band) will fit your normal ring size while a ring with a wider band (i.e. 1/4" or wider) may requires a half-size larger to fit comfortably.

How can I measure for my ring size?

Our downloadable Ring Size Guide makes it easy! You can find your ring size in two easy ways.

1. You can place a ring that fits you well on our guide to find out what size it is. (Keep in mind the answer above. The design of your ring could make a difference when it comes to finding your ring size.

2. You can also wrap some string (make sure it doesn’t stretch too much) around your finger and use it to determine your ring size.

What’s a good ring size for a baby ring?

Sizes 1 and 1.5 tend to be best for traditional baby rings.

What’s an average ring size for a woman?

Most women find rings sized between 5 and 7 to be a good fit on their ring finger. It’s tough to guess a woman’s ring size without her knowing, so if you want the ring to be a surprise gift ask a woman close to her (mother, sister or best friend). They may know her ring size or be able to help you estimate.

What’s an average ring size for a man?

Most men find rings sized between 8 and 10 to be a good fit on their ring finger. Many men only own one or two rings in their whole lifetimes, so they may not even know their ring size. The best way to find a good and comfortable fit is to use the string test on our ring sizer or to bring him in and let our Associates help him find a great fit.

What if I need a half size?

All James Avery rings are available in full and half sizes.

Are rings sizes the same in Europe as in the USA?

As with clothing and shoes, ring size systems vary by location. The best way to determine your true ring size is to try the ring on.

Still need help finding your ring size?

Stop by a James Avery store and ask for a ring sizer. It’s a set of little plastic rings you can try on to find your ring size. Some of our Associates are so experienced they can guess your size by looking at you. You can use it yourself, or we can help. Whichever you prefer.