"The Heart Remembers" Charm


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In our hearts, love is forever, an emotion bound in a place where feelings endure and memory is eternal, a message that we can keep with us always.

Product Specifications:
  • Sterling Silver
  • 5/8" long


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    The Heart Remembers

    I purchased this charm when my mom had Alzheimer's. It was so difficult to know that she didn't remember how to do so many of the things that made her the person I knew and loved, and grew up with. She no longer could cook, after showing me how to cook before I could see the top of the counter; she no longer could sew, after making all of my clothes and showing me how to make my first dress at the age of 8 and many thereafter; she didn't know who her family members were; she didn't even remember how to eat. In the throes of terrible despondency one day I found this charm. Though she is gone now for quite a while, I still cherish it as it helps me know that even when she didn't remember how to be herself, I know that somewhere in her heart, and always in my heart, there are the memories of who we were and what we will always be to one another.