James Avery Fundraising Support


Cash and In-Kind Donations

Whether it’s donating to a fundraising event or simply being a good steward, our goal is to support our Associates and Customers. Our charitable giving program gives to fundraising efforts that provide direct support to the arts, craftsmanship, military personnel, first responders, people and the environment.

If your mission aligns with our pillars of support, your organization may qualify to receive a cash or in-kind donation to support your fundraising efforts.

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To see if your organization qualifies for fundraising support, download and review our donation requirements here.

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Pillars of Support

Light of the Artist
Arts and Makers
Arts Programming for Adults and Young Adults

Cultural Opportunities

Community Improvement

Fire of the Craftsman
Service to Community
Veteran Education and Employment

Veteran Health and Wellness

First Responder Training and Support Programs

Beauty of the World Around Us
People and Wellness
Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Education and Development

Health and Wellness