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4 styles, 3 colors, 100% inspired by the jewelry you’ve loved for generations. A new family of quality handbags made with the same honesty of materials and integrity of design that you've come to expect from James Avery jewelry.

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James Avery Leather Bag Process


All handbags are crafted from premium-quality Italian leather which has been treated on the inside of the bag to make the inside water resistant and more durable.
James Avery Leather Textures
In addition to the supple texture and feel of the leather, you may notice some light variations in color and texture from bag to bag. It is a quality natural to the tanning process, and it’s just part of what makes your bag special.
James Avery Leather Material


Notice something special about our buckles, snaps and rings? They were designed by the same people that design the jewelry you’ve loved for generations.

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