A Story of Family

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A story of family

Kathy has been collecting James Avery pieces for over 30 years. She loves charms, but always had a tough time deciding which to pick. It wasn’t until her mother passed away that she found a story to tell through her bracelet.

Her mom always had interesting stories about different members of her family tree. When she passed away, the James Avery Tree of Life charm was the perfect way to honor her.

Kathy's Story - Tree of Life
“It just seemed to represent strength and faith and all of the qualities that I saw in her.”

She was also inspired to begin researching her genealogy. As she discovered new ancestors and new family stories, she decided to have their names and birthdays engraved on a simple James Avery charm and created what she called her “ancestry bracelet.”

“It’s my family tree etched in silver.”
She added pieces for the family members she knows well, and those she discovered in her research. She found out that she had many relatives who were piano makers, which made sense with Kathy’s love of woodworking. And, perhaps most interestingly, her great grandmother literally ran away with the circus as a snake charmer.
Kathy's Story - Tree of Life
Her ancestry bracelet is a wonderful way to tell these tales and keep her mother’s family storytelling tradition alive.

“I feel the strength of my family when I look at it.”

Not only that, she can pass it down to future generations.

“I can look down and know that 50 years from now, 100 years from now, somebody in my family will wear this and my family can continue on in memory.”