James Avery Shop Our Stores Safely

At James Avery Artisan Jewelry we care about your health and the health of our Associates. We’re taking the following actions to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

Requiring Health Screenings

All Associates will be health screened upon arrival each day. If Associates are sick, they will stay home until cleared to return.

Frequent Handwashing

All Associates are required to frequently wash hands for 20 seconds.

Face masks and gloves are available for Associates to wear.

We make face masks and gloves available to all Associates. Associates are required to wear face masks while working. Gloves are optional.

Making Hand Sanitizer and Facial Tissues Available

Hand sanitizer, facial tissues and trash receptacles are available for Guests and Associates to use as needed. Greeters will be offering and encouraging Guests to use hand sanitizer.

Sanitizing Frequently Touched Surfaces

Door handles, countertops and other frequently touched surfaces are being cleaned and sanitized regularly. Jewelry will be cleaned and sanitized after it is handled as well.

Additional safety measures for our Contactless, Curbside Pickup services

Requiring Your Valid Photo I.D. for Contactless, Curbside Pickup

A valid photo I.D. of the person who placed the online order, or a person with the same last name and billing address as the person placing the order, is required for Contactless, Curbside Pickup. For everyone's safety, an Associate will look through your unopened car window to view valid I.D. A person with the same last name and a valid ID with an address matching the billing address on your order can pick you order up for you too. Have questions? Call to confirm.

Verifying the Make, Model and Color and License Plate Number of Your Vehicle During Pickup

Once you park as close to front door as possible, call the store number on your email pickup reminder. An Associate will ask for the make, model and color of your vehicle to help find you and record the delivery.

Making Contactless Deliveries to Your Trunk or Back Seat

Once I.D. has been verified, an Associate will place your order in either the trunk or back seat of your car. No one should exit your car or roll down a window while an Associate is at your vehicle. For the safety of all, we cannot open packages to review your order in the parking lot or car. We appreciate your understanding.