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James Avery Earrings

At James Avery Artisan Jewelry, we love earrings! Whether we're making hoops, heart earrings, cute studs for girls or stunning statement pieces for Mom, we approach the process with creativity and craftsmanship.

Take, for instance, the hoop earring. This may seem like a simple thing to design, but so much goes into every pair of hoops we make. We carefully consider the materials asking ourselves if these hoops be silver, gold, bronze or a mix of metals? We pay attention to the size of each hoop to make sure we offer a selection of sizes that works well for different people with different tastes. We also try to make each pair of hoops special. Whether we add a bit of twisted wire, a bit of turquoise, a dangling heart or a hammered texture, our designers set out to make each pair of hoops unique. We hope you'll feel they've succeeded

Think cute studs and ear posts are only for little girls? Think again! Women of all ages love to wear petite ear posts and mix and match them to create styles all their own. Whether they wear birthstones, tiny gold earrings or big silver dangles, our Customers create great looks with earrings! Need a little inspiration? Search #myjamesavery and you'll see just what we mean.