Colorful Art Glass Enhancer Beads

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James Avery Glass Enhancer Beads

At James Avery Artisan Jewelry, we love adding color to our collection. From pairing cool sterling silver with warm metals like 14K gold, bronze and copper to hand-painting enamel, sterling silver pairs with color beautifully. Another way we love to add color to any look is with our Glass Enhancer Beads. In an assortment of red beads, blue beads, purple beads, pink beads and more – these colorful bead charms make adding a special color (or two) easy!

These small color beads can be soldered to your charm bracelet to add a sweet pop of your favorite color – or you can pair it with charms to add meaning. For example, many Customers like to pair our enhancer beads with the Awareness Ribbon Charm to honor a cause or organization near to their heart. Our pink beads pair well with breast cancer awareness, a purple bead for autism awareness and so on. Or, they can be a playful way to highlight one of your favorite things: like adding a pink bead with your flamingo charm or an orange bead next to a Halloween charm. They effortlessly pair with your sterling silver charms to create a colorful combo that commemorates festive occasions or a special memory.

Our colorful glass beads aren’t just limited to bracelets, they easily slide onto a necklace or chain for a subtle pop of color – or can pair with your favorite pendant for fun hint of color. They’re also a fun way to create a colorful anklet. They look great with both dainty charms on necklaces or when paired with bolder pendants. They’re easily worn together and add sweet finishing touches of color to all your favorite looks.